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Liberum Arbitrum is latin for free will and dates back to the Roman Empire. Fittingly, it is abbreviated by the letters LA. The Romans were the inventors and innovators of the modern entertainment business. Big Stadiums, lavish productions, luxury suites and advertising. LA, Los Angles has been the 20th century version of Rome since it re-invented and imagined entertainment for the 20th century. Anything goes in LA, like Rome, it's the city that either inspires and forces you to be the best, or you get fed to the lions. Only those who can truly harness the concept of Liberum Arbitrium can use LA for what it can do best.

As artists, entertainers, doers and dreamers, it is up to each one of us to harness our free will, and once again, re-invent a system which has been broken. By seeking to be the best version of ourselves. We can use our talents, arts and deeds in order to unite people, rather than using words in order to divide people

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